External Backup Battery Power Bank


Compatible and suitable for: SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II
Li-polymer battery.
Capacity: 4200mAh.
Input: DC 5V /500mAh
Output :800mAh
Cycle life: 500 times
Charging time: ~3.5 hours
Dimension (mm):162x88x23mm

Product Description:
Compatible with Note 2 Note II N7100
Battery Capacity: 4200mAh
Charging time: 4-6 hours/Input: DC 5V 500mAh /Output: DC 5V 800mAh
Besides, leather protective case protects your phone from damage
Flip cover
4LED indicate
Support stand

Package List:
1x Extended Backup Battery Flip Case for SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II

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External Backup Battery Power Bank

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